Grace. Glimpse. Guide.

large_8666093023Here is where we are heading…Grace. Glimpse. Guide…the summit.

At Happy Tents, we believe that our small efforts in the family make a big impact…each step adds up to something great.  Just like each step on the trail is necessary to reach the top with breath taking views.

Grace – lucky for us, we are not perfect.  In fact, the sooner we recognize that we are not perfect (and neither is anyone else) then we can be in a place to receive Grace through faith in Christ and to give Grace to those in our tent.  In a Happy Tent, there is not place for narcism, selfishness, bullying, abuse, etc.  Each of these negative qualities, that some how become justified in a family when they are not acceptable elsewhere, have no place in a Happy Tent.   So, we work to replace these with the understanding that each person in the tent is valued, accepted and respected.  Therefore, when we become frustrated that someone is taking too long to tie the hiking boot, we strive to give them grace, understanding that they will probably never win a boot tying competition (if those even exist) but they can tie it well enough to get back on the trail.  We believe the family is a perfect place to practice giving and receiving Grace.

Glimpse – When we put effort into our tent family along the way, we catch a Glimpse of eternity – peace, love, joy and hope.  Just like along our hike, we see Glimpses of God’s beauty in small pieces.  Last year while hiking we enjoyed seeing single wildflowers along the way.  Later, we saw all of them together – eternity.  Each moment that we experience peace in our marriage, joy in our children, hope in our future, we are experiencing a Glimpse of eternity.  Our life is as much about the journey as the destiny.  While together in our tents, we can enjoy a full life offered to us through the life of Christ.

Guide – We do not journey alone, ever.  We always have the presence of Holy Spirit is with us – our Guide.  When Jesus prepared to leave his disciples, he told them about a helper and Guide he was leaving with them in his absence.  This connection is an important part of the journey.  When we struggle, we turn to our Guide.  We give thanks to our Guide.  For direction, we turn to our Guide.  We listen to our Guide.  We rest in our Guide.  At Happy Tents, we believe this time with our Guide is vital to our journey together and with   each step, we are not alone.