About Us

The truth is that we are probably a lot like you. If you visited our home you would see that our floor is often decorated with toys, our dining table doubles as our laundry table and office (and, no, we don’t eat at it), and if we are not careful we can simply pass by each other (like ships in the night) for weeks at a time. For 16 years we have attempted to understand this relationship called marriage. Some days are good. SomeMeredith and Steven days just need to be relived. Most days, we just need a nap! But life is good and we love our family. That’s why we’ve begun this project. We want you and your family to experience some of the joy, peace, and love that we have (and if we can pass on any of the tools learned by personal success, failure, and the success and failure of others; then awesome!).

Meredith is a wife, mom, and a pastor. Steven is a husband, dad, and a pastor. Steven is senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Corsicana, Texas.  Meredith is president of Happy Tents.  Together we work to uncover the gifts found in family life, marriage and parenting. It’s a ton of fun, and how cool to get to do what we love with the people we love (and some people we’ve yet to meet, but just know we’re going to love!). If your curious, you can also follow Meredith Bell on Facebook, and follow Steven Bell on Facebook.

Again, thanks so much for visiting Happy Tents. Take care, God bless, and see you soon!

Grace and Peace,

Meredith and Steven Bell