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The purpose of Give Me Your Heart is to highlight and help you experience a powerful time in the Christian year: the season of Lent. Now what is “Lent?” Is Lent that stuff in your dryer (or belly button!)? No, that’s “lint.” Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins Ash Wednesday and ends the Saturday before Easter Sunday. Lent comes from an ancient word meaning, “spring.” The season is a special time of preparation for celebrating Jesus’ triumphant resurrection from the dead – Easter. Give Me Your Heart can be used for personal study and devotion as you move though the forty days of Lent towards the cross and empty tomb. It can also be used for small group study, and we have included a study guide in the back that can help focus and facilitate your group discussions when you gather together each week.

prayer guide

Prayer is one of those basic, yet majorly complicated, aspects of the Christian life. It brings peace, yet we struggle on how to do it. We know the words we use in prayer don’t really matter (since God knows everything we’re going to say or ask anyways), but because we’re talking to the Creator of the universe we ought to put a little thought into what we say. Field guides exist for the military, Scouting, hunting, fishing, birding, and for outdoor enthusiasts of every sort. This is a field guide about prayer, for men who want to learn more about this ancient Christian practice, what it is, and how to do it.


“With No Strings Attached:  28 Days of Blessing Your Wife” is a 28 day challenge to men as we learn to love our wives unconditionally. May men have found this book to be a tremendous help, and many women (their wives) have let us know the difference this book made in their relationship.



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