Mile Marker 3

Taking your place around the campfire…or tent


Welcome to the journey before you.  You have done the prep work (hope you enjoyed working together) and now you are ready for the journey.  As you start walking, you may need to decide on a meeting place each week.  That way, if someone gets lost along the way, you all will know where to meet up.  Thursday nights work well with our family.  Maybe Monday nights are best for you.  It’s good to check in when you first meet.  You can use your holding cross to pass between each other.  That way everyone will know when it is time to talk and when it is time to listen.

Here are some starting questions to ask if your are too tired from the journey to think of any…we’ve got you covered.

What has been your rose (highlight, fun thing, award, best part of the week) this week?

What has been your thorn (hard part of the week, relationship problem, challenge) this week?

Here is your first rock that we think is pretty important.  Each one of you is special.  Really, special.  In fact, each one of you were created by Almighty God!  God never makes mistakes, so the way you are right night is exactly how God made you.  And another little secret is that right now God loves you just as you are.  There is nothing you can do for God that will make God love you more.  God loves you. And that is where we will get started.  Each time you come into your tent, we hope you remember how special you are and how much God loves you.

Your family is invited to read You Are Special by Max Lucado together in your tent.  Or you can watch it here.

Once you read this story together as a family, take some time to share what you thought about it.  How can it help you this month as you journey through your days?

Here is something to do this month…add a picture of each family member to the inside of you box lid.  Each person gets to choose their favorite picture.  Smile!