Mile Marker 2

Open Your Box and Make It Yours

large_6028900197We have added a few important items to your box.  These are the things that we feel will easily guide you on this journey.  Take a peek!

First you will find your family’s prayer journal.  On the pages, we encourage you to begin recording your prayers.  The big ones and the small ones.  We know when prayers go up…blessings come down.  20 years from now, you will know this phrase is true.

Next you will find a candle.  It represents the light of Christ is that present.  Lighting a candle will be a reminder to you that you are not alone, Christ is with you and is happy to be there.

A mason jar…this isn’t any old mason jar.  This jar is your offering collection.  Let’s be honest, we are often blessed more that we can express.  This jar is a place to give credit to God for our blessings.  Each time you come to the tent, drop a few coins or dollars into your jar.  We have some great ideas for you to use it later.

Gratitude notes.  Each day something good happens.  Why not write it down? It is easy to focus on the bad things that happen, but gratitude notes will help keep your family more positive.

Oil…when you go camping, you probably include bug spray into your supplies.  Think of the oil as a “bug spray” to keep distractions away while you spend a little time with God.  Try a drop over your heart or inside your wrists.

Take some time to sit around the campfire and talk about what you think about the box and what it contains.  Be sure not to judge anyones reaction…just listen.  You might be surprised by what you hear.