Mile Marker 1

First Step--Tent Making

Trail head post

Here is how we get started.  Or you could say that we are beginning to explore the Rules of Happy Tent living.

First you need to create a God spot in your home.  We highly suggest that you add a tent to a room in your home.  Why a tent?  The metaphor of a tent is profound.  Tents are a physical representation of the human body, and also the home. In fact, in biblical times, a tent was the home for a family. During the forty years the Israelites spent wandering the desert, a tent housed the very presence of God. This same God lives with you in your modern “tent.”

This space needs to look and feel different.  Everyone should be included in the space.  Your Family Faith Box will serve as your focus for your God space, but you can add other items that represent ways you and your family connect with God.  This space should stay uncluttered and relaxing.

Each person in your family needs to be a part of the creation process.  This way everyone will have a place within the tent.  Because we know that each person in your family fills a very important role that makes your family unique.  Have fun with this first Mile Marker…you are well on your way!