large_27369948Family life is busy, loud and full. It is difficult to find space in our days to breath, relax and connect with our Creator.  There is a story of a farmer who rested on Fridays.  He said this day was important because it gave his soul a chance to catch up.  Wow!  When do we have time built into our weeks for our souls go catch up.

As adults, we have learned over time that it is important to have a day to catch up.  But children may need a little more encouragement.  They may need to watch us and learn.  (This might even mean that we have to put our cell phones and iPads down for some time now and then.) Or do we need to watch them and learn??

At Happy Tents, we have developed a way to connect with God in a familiar way with more intentionality.  To get started, you will need a Family Treasure Box and a tent (optional).  Your Family Treasure Box will provide a focal point for your family to connect with God daily.  Your tent represents the place where God dwells in you home.  It offers shelter from the noise in your home and a place to retreat, connect with God, and connect each other.

Let’s meet up at Mile Marker 1 when you are all set!