Sidewalk Time

No Agenda

On the sidewalk, just outside our tent the other day, I enjoyed a “glimpse.” It was one of those days with nothing really to do.  It was too early to start cooking dinner (but I really haven’t been cooking much lately because it is so nice outside…just being honest…cereal is a life savor!)  And kindergarten homework just does not take up much of our precious time, so we journeyed to the sidewalk.  On the way, I picked up a bucket of chalk…sidewalk chalk.


We spread out down the sidewalk and spontaneously added our artwork to each section of the sidewalk one square at a time.  A rainbow.  A flower.  A heart. A butterfly.  Once we ran out of ideas, I started to just look around.  The weather has been beautiful here in Texas for many weeks.  Just beautiful.  A few weekends ago, I visited our ranch and the wheat in the fields was so high that it was hiding the new baby calves.  It was truly a perfect spring sight.

On the sidewalk, I saw another perfect spring sight…flowers, green trees just showing off, birds…red birds, butterflies.  It was all there just outside our door and on our sidewalk.  Just there waiting for us to notice.

In a time when we are overwhelmed with disturbing news all around us we can chose to take a moment and step away.  One of the ways we can step away from what we think is important (work, technology, perfection, phones, drama) and step into what is important (family, friends, solitude, peace, faith) is to just step outside.  Walk on the sidewalk and discover nature again.  Follow the path and let go of your agenda…just for a little while.   You will be surprised at the lasting effects.  Try it.  And don’t worry.  If dinner is not ready on time, there is always cereal!

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