Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

That’s right…Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.  My husband brought them home last night.  We were celebrating because good things have been happening in our life lately.  But today was a different day.  My assessment…too many good things today.  So many in fact that the first time I relaxed as at 9:13pm!  Since my feet hit the floor this morning I have been running here and there running everywhere.  Everywhere.  Lunch at school.  Dog to the groomer.  Grocery store.  Church for Bible study.  Daisy troop.  Willy Wonka Rehearsal.

This day could have easily been stressful and miserable for many reasons.  One moment, when I was just on the edge of loosing control of my attitude (which means the rest of the day would be derailed and follow me down the impatient, anxious and frustrated path), I stopped.  I decided an apology was necessary.  It was well received.  Then I focused on being in the moment.  Just being with my children and friends.

The reward for submitting to the day was spending time with a friend with horses and goats. Instead of7318388652_6273e9eb4f hurrying on to the next appointment, I stopped the car.  We hopped a fence and enjoyed being with beautiful horses on a beautiful day.  We opened another fence and enjoyed 15 playful goats.  We relaxed and our day turned better.

Some days when there are too many good things happening because we are pouring ourselves into people we love the most, there are big reasons to celebrate.  (Even if our first moment to relax at the end of the day is after 9pm, there is still reason to celebrate.)  Not that we need an excuse to enjoy a chocolate treat on any day…but on days like this it tastes even sweeter.

Tomorrow I will try to live more balanced and I can celebrate that too with more chocolate!

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