A New Season

I appreciate how life gives us natural stopping points. The New Year, seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and Sundays. For me, the beginning of September is a stopping point. It is when I clean out our swim bag that we have faithfully carried all summer long to our fun adventures. It is when I toss out the old lunch boxes and my children thoughtfully select which pattern we will to live with on the new box for the next year. (This year I will see Barbie each morning!!) It is when I take a look at our schedule and activities that are available.

Spiritually, it is a time to simply stop and breath. I reflect on the new season that is beginning. How many have I already lived through and how many more will I have to enjoy? What do I need in my life that will bring more experiences of peace and joy? Who do I need to connect with or reconnect with this season? Is God calling me to try something new or calling me to enjoy life as it is?

I no longer carried around a backpack in September for school that you can see. But maybe I carry around one you can’t see. Maybe I carry a spiritual backpack.   This is a great time to decide what needs to be taken out and what needs to be put in for this next season. I have to decide how much I want to carry around and how much I want to let go. The more seasons that I live through, the more I realize that life is truly a long process of letting go.

What about you? What are you looking for this fall? How can you make yourself available for God’s presence in your life? What needs to go and what needs to be added?

Lord, you have examined me. You know me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up. Even from far away, you comprehend my plans. You study my traveling and resting. You are thoroughly familiar with all my ways. There isn’t a word on my tongue, Lord, that you don’t already know completely. You surround me—front and back. You put your hand on me. That kind of knowledge is too much for me; it’s so high above me that I can’t fathom it.                                                       Psalm 139: 1-6


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