A Question

On a recent car ride to a routine location, I used the moment to ask my daughter a question. I wanted her opinion.

I carefully laid out the background information that was relevant to my question. I felt like I needed to give her enough information to form an opinion, but not too much information to sway her answer. Then I asked my question.

From wisdom beyond her years, she asked, “Have you prayed about this? Because it sounds like you have a lot of negative thoughts and that tells me that you have not talked with God about this.” My mouth opened but words did not come out. Sensing my internal struggle she spoke again, “I learned at camp how to pray for guidance with my problems. My counselors said they were challenged to pray before they took their problems to each other. It helped them to be a better team and keep God in the middle of their work together.”

I know, your mouth may be open at this point, too. It is impossible to find a response to truth when it is spoken (especially when it comes from a teenager). I now know that there is one question that is more important than all questions. “Have you prayed about this?” This one question does a few things. It eliminates the need for superficial questions and problems, it keeps God in the middle of my life and it stops actions that are not of God.

I leave you with a question this week for you and your family, “Have you prayed about this?”

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Matthew 26:41

From our Happy Praying Tent to Yours,

Meredith Bell