Challenge of the Week

The challenge of the week came through a new opportunity in our community…Altitude H20. Just the sight of this challenge drew us into it. From space, it probably looks much smaller. From our perspective, it is big. When we arrived at this new opportunity, everyone had one last chance to bail out of the challenge in the parking lot. Everyone stayed committed. Each person was given a life jacket and some instructions from the life guards.

The goal of this challenge is to overcome the obstacles on the course that are floating on water. There are lanes to race each other around the course. There are many challenges to choose from. Some are low to the water and some are thirty feet high. Some are dry from the sun and some are slippery. Some require a rope to pull on and some provide handles. ALL of the challenges are challenging!

If your family is like ours (a little crazy, bored in the summer and dangerously curious), then you will probably enjoy this challenge as well. With every challenge comes a lesson to learn. The lesson we learned from this challenge is to fall and fall often. There is freedom in falling (and failing).

A few things happen when you fall, all the stress you felt trying to overcome an obstacle immediately disappears. It is simply gone. Your muscles relax. It feels amazing. You can breathe again. You gain a different perspective. You are given the gift of time. And in our case, you simply float for a while in some nice cool water with some fish. Immediately you wonder why you were trying so hard in the first place.

Families today are under a lot of stress. Schedules, careers, commitments, health, relationships and finances all contribute to the stress. It’s true. So often we only focus on the stress that feels like a constant obstacle to overcome.

Our challenge this week reminded us of an option that we have when completely overwhelmed by life, we can simply let go and fall into God’s grace and love. We can be re-bapitzed by refreshing water (it’s called a life-jacket for a reason) and reclaim our faith that sustains us. When we remember the strength and power of God, we gain a different perspective. The stress is simply gone and we can relax. It feels amazing to breathe again. Immediately we wonder why we were trying so hard in the first place to change God’s plans or work without God’s guidance. Somethings are just not meant to happen, and it is okay.

This week, let go of those things that are causing your family to stress. Enjoy the freedom in falling (and failing). Ask God to breath new life into your family and give you a different perspective. Enjoy a moment to simply float in the grace and love of God. You may even see some stress-free fish swimming around the the water with you!

I was hard pressed and falling,
    but the Lord came to my help.

Psalm 118:13

From our Happy Tent to Yours,

Meredith Bell