What’s Your Flavor?

We are leaning into summer which means Snow-Biz is open and there is only one question to answer in the drive through at Snow-Biz. “What flavor?” Once we answer that question, we patiently wait for our cold treats to pass through the car window. With a snow cone in our hands, life is just right.

Snow-Biz is the kind of place that offers many flavors for snow cones. For people like me, they offer the basics. Watermelon, strawberry, coconut, lemon and other basics. No matter how many choices they offer, you can be sure that I will always drive away with a white coconut snow cone in my hand. It’s simple, less messy, and predictable. White coconut every time.

One passenger in the car always throws a sour request out the window. Flavors like pickle, lemon-lime, green apple and lemon drop are among the usual choices. Another passenger in the car always needs extra time to process the choices. Out loud she asks for the general opinion of the group. She is the risk taker and usually tries something new and trendy like Harry Potter’s Brew, Incredibles, or Moana. No matter which one she orders, they all come through the window looking like a beautiful rainbow. And we all drive away much happier than before our (cash only) purchase.

The Snow-Biz experience is a glimpse into the multiple flavors that live in our tent. Thankfully, we are different people with different tastes, perspectives, thoughts, dreams and purposes. Each one of us is a unique creation made to help God build God’s kingdom. Our differences are a blessing and an opportunity to see the world around us and each other through God’s eyes. Perfectly and beautifully created.

So often, we allow differences to create tension and frustration in our tents. Different can easily become a synonym for change, wrong, or uncertainty. We can feel anxious or insecure in situations that are different and not familiar. We can also push away family members with different opinions because it just feels safer. But all you need is one trip through Snow-Biz to see that different is actually very colorful and refreshing no matter the flavor.

This week, take some time to see each other’s uniquenesses. Explore the lives of the people you love a little more deeply. What music are they listening to and why? What book are they reading? What are they wondering about this week? What is a dream they have been thinking about lately? Share some of your unique thoughts about yourself as well.

As your family heads into summer, we highly recommend a drive to your local snow cone stand (many, many times). It will give you a glimpse into the beautiful flavors that live in your tent. That is something to celebrate.

He existed before all things, and all things are held together in him.

Colossian 1:17

From our Happy Tent to Yours,

Meredith Bell