Our Pianist

This week, our pianist has been playing the piano more than ever.  For hours at a time, she happily sits on the piano bench and fills our home with “Silent Night.”  Over and over and over again.  First she could only play the keys on her right hand.  Then she learned how to play the cords on her left hand. Finally, she put them all together.

If you do not know our pianist, you are probably wondering why this is interesting.  If you do know our pianist, you are probably wondering what in her world changed to create such dedication to her hobby. Normally, after she attends her weekly piano lesson she carries her bag out of the lesson (with the piano lesson books inside) and gracefully tosses it into the back of the car.  It stays there for seven days until it is time for another lesson.

But something happened over Thanksgiving.  Her grandmother visited our tent.  When her grandmother left, our pianist began to play with passion.  Curious?  Granny filled the piano bench with extra incentives for practicing the piano.  Lots and lots of motivation in the form of one dollar bills. The agreement between Granny and Grandchild is one dollar for each time the pianist practices playing the piano.  Suddenly we have a passionate pianist in our tent!

Motivation in any form is the reason we reach our goals.  Motivational speakers call us to action.  Motivational moments require a response.  Motivational grandmothers produce accomplished pianists in our tents.

As people who love Jesus, it is worth our time to look around our tents and our communities to see who needs some motivation.  Who needs someone to fill their “piano bench” to help them accomplish their goal?  How can you be that person.  This amazing event happened in our tent happened because an outsider came into our tent, assessed the situation, and made a slight change to our pattern.  The result got our attention.

As we move into a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus, let’s remember that he too motivates us every day.  God intentionally sent him into our earthly tent on a silent night as an outsider to assess the situation and make a change.  A Big Change.  The result got our attention thousands of years ago and I pray it still gets our attention today.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21

From our Happy Tent to Yours,

Meredith Bell

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