Merry Christmas Traditions

It happened this year. One of our Merry Christmas Traditions ended.  Our smallest tent member broke through the Santa code…she is in the know.  (I cried more than she did.)  So this Christmas we end a Merry Christmas Tradition in our tent and we are shopping for new ones.  We are looking for new ways to connect with each other and our faith.

As we look for new traditions, we are mindful that time has changed all of us this year.  We are taller, wider, wiser, grayer, happier and teenage-ier.  Our Merry Christmas Traditions from last year may not reflect who we are today like they did years before.  It’s time to discover some new traditions.

Family life constantly experiences change.  Marriage requires an end of selfishness and a beginning to constant forgiveness.  They say a baby changes everything. As that baby grows, due to a strong diet of food and water, she develops into a little adult.  Just when you get used to piles of laundry and a house full of friends,  that little adult packs and moves to a college (hopefully).  Then she receives a pay check (we pray) one day.  Family life becomes more about savoring precious moments, encouraging one another to be your best self and celebrating life together every chance you get.

The Holy Family must have shared similar experiences.  Their lives were full of moves, growth, questions and divine experiences.  They depended on their faith and each other to embrace their stages in life.  They shared joy and they shared heartache under the same roof.  They created the biggest Merry Christmas Tradition and yet we know that their experience did not stop at the manger. There was more to their story. They added new Merry Christmas Traditions each year that connected them with each other and faith.

As we are shopping for new Merry Christmas Traditions, we are discovering that there are millions of ways to spend this holiday together all around our world.  The manger will always be a part of our Christmas story.  We are excited to add more traditions to our story.  We are also discovering how feelings that come with this season like joy, peace, love and hope are a part of every Merry Christmas Tradition.  These classic feelings are unwrapped through hugs, warm fires, winter breaks, family, hot chocolate, Christmas cards, friends and beautiful music.

Enjoy your Merry Christmas Traditions this year…the old and the new ones!

“Let us go now to Bethlehem and see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us.” So they went with haste and found Mary and Joseph, and the child lying in the manger. Luke 2:15-16

Merry Christmas Happy Tent Families!

Meredith Bell

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