Reading an article recently, I was reminded of the act of repurposing old pieces of furniture.  There are plenty of t.v. shows and magazines that do this well everyday.  Even though I like the idea of it, I usually lack the creativity and the time to actually complete the process of repurposing anything.

Repurposing translates into faith.  Jesus came to repurpose the church.  The church is not for setting limits like the Pharisees believed.  It is for setting people free through healing, mercy, forgiveness, love and hope. We read about the ways Jesus repurposed the church and faith in the Bible.  He was busy then and He is busy now doing the same time.

Talking with a new friend lately, I was reminded of the act of repurposing our lives.  She is two years away from retirement and she is anxious about how she will transition from a demanding job into a slower schedule.  She is also anxious about her marriage and how it will look in retirement.  She is in the process of repurposing her life.  She is wondering how her skills from her career will be used in new ways and how her relationship with her husband will grow in their last years together.

Repurposing translates into life.  My new friend has two years to wonder what life will be like after retirement.  She has two years to prepare for adapting, changing and embracing her new life.  As a married couple, she and her husband have time to talk and make new goals for their marriage.  (And I am going to send her a copy of Falling Upward by Richard Rohr.)

Coaching young adults lately, I found myself sharing my story of repurposing a closet into a prayer room. (Yes, I really did this after I watched the War Room and it has become my sanctuary.) I shared how writing prayers down allows me to let them go.  I talked about simply being with God in that space instead of doing something for God.  It fills my spirit and gives me a new lens to see the world and my life.  They were listening with intensity.  Our testimony matters.

Repurposing translates into spiritual practices.  When we feel a disconnect with God, maybe it is time to repurpose our spiritual efforts.  Instead of reading the Bible, go live the Bible by serving someone or some purpose.  Instead of praying in your home, take a walk and pray in God’s creation.  Instead of reading the familiar chapters of the Bible, read a book in the Bible that you have never read or studied before.  Ask someone to study it with you.

There are so many areas of our lives where we may feel stuck or bored that simply need to be repurposed into something new.  Here are some tips when you repurpose:

  • Observe: Take note of your frustrations or areas in life where you are dissatisfied.  What is on the horizon that you may need to prepare for to be ready?  For a week or a month, simply observe your life.
  • Pray and Seek Wisdom: The Holy Spirit is alive within each of us.  Through prayer, connect with that power and pray for the things you observed.  If you observed that your family is struggling to be at peace, pray that the Holy Spirit will show you all a new way to live.  While in prayer, seek wisdom. Find others who have journeyed down this same road before.  How did they make their way through this time in life?  What did they learn? What is their advice?
  • Act:  We cannot change until we take a step forward.  When we act, we are testing our faith.  God will show up as we repurpose our lives.  The bigger question is will we show up?

In our tent, repurposing is a way to live our lives for God as a family.  When our routines, schedules, and results lead us away from this purpose, we know that it is time to repurpose for God.  We have discovered that a repurposed life is good.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

From our Happy Tent to yours,

Meredith Bell

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