There Is Not An App For That

In 2008 our world changed. The App Store was launched that summer. On iPhones around the world, apps were created for specific tasks to make life easier, fun, and simple. The first summer 500 apps existed. Today there are 2.2 million available!

With 2.2 million apps available, we all should be free of stress because our tasks are easier. We should smile more because of the fun we have playing games on our phones. We should have more time available to do the things we love to do and get to places on time. But if you look around in your tent or people-watch in your local stores, you will probably see something different. The stressors of life still exist, everywhere just like they did before the App Store.

That is ok, because long, long before the App Store existed, we were programmed to overcome life’s stress with some simple tools. Hugs, words, relationships, Sabbath, service and patience are just a few of the tools. The list is honestly never ending because creation continues in each one of us. There is not an app for these tried and true tools. There is only the presence of the Holy Spirit…and that is all that we need.

In every tent, in every town, in every state, there is a need for families to lead by example. Around the kitchen table, families do the hard work of life with each other every day.  Every day families find an opportunity to practice using God’s tools in their tents.  We actively do this when we are learning how to love when we disagree. Balancing life’s demands with appropriated rest. Praying for one another. Sharing what we have with our neighbors. Encouraging each other to try harder and succeed. Comforting each other when hurt. Responding to the needs that we see around us.

In families, we learn to live together in a way that reflects the love of God to each other and to those who we meet. Family relationships are full of grace, guidance from the Holy Spirit and glimpses of eternal life when God leads and we follow.

There is not an app for the kind of work our communities and world need today. But there is a family…God’s family. It is time to take a seat at the world’s dinner table to share what we know.  The world’s table is starving for hugs, encouraging words, comfort, meaningful relationships, patience and service.  Let’s address this hunger together, one family at a time.

I wonder what your family can do this week?

The Lord proclaims:
Stop at the crossroads and look around; ask for the ancient paths. Where is the good way?  Then walk in it and find a resting place for yourselves. Jeremiah 6:16

From our Tent to Yours,

Meredith Bell

If you need some inspiration, take some time to watch this talk by Andy Crouch from Q Ideas.

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