Jesus and the Cheetahs

Be the One

After church one Sunday a few years ago, my husband asked our five-year-old daughter what she learned in Sunday school. She said that she learned about Jesus and the cheetahs. The theologian in him was immediately curious because he was not familiar with that story in the Bible. He asked for more information and she told him the whole story. Then he listened closely to her lesson.

Jesus and the Cheetahs

Once upon a time, Jesus was walking down the road. There were ten cheetahs that came to him. They were sick. (In Sunday school we put dots all over our clothes with cotton balls and baby powder. We looked like cheetahs. It was fun.) Jesus made the cheetahs better, but only one cheetah said “Thank you.”

Eventually my husband got it…she was talking about Jesus and the Lepers not CHEETAHS!  We always get a good belly laugh from her version of the story especially since I was her Sunday school teacher that day!!

There is also a lot to truth to her story. There are a lot of cheaters in this story. Nine to be exact. In Luke, we learn that Jesus encountered ten lepers on his way to Jerusalem who begged him for mercy and healing. He did exactly what they asked. They were healed and they had their lives back. They could return to society, their families, and their careers. He had given them all that they could dream of having and more. Out of the ten healed lepers, only one returned to thank him. Only one.

This Thanksgiving we have the opportunity to be the one that returned to give thanks. Think about all the people in your life that have made your life better this year. Be the one to thank them.  People like your doctor who helped you stay healthy, your friend that remembered your birthday, your co-worker who helped you meet your deadline, or your neighbor who pulls your trash bins back to your fence after they are empty. Be the one to thank them. Think about the people you see each week at the grocery store, school, bank, gas station or in your neighborhood. Be the one to thank them.  Recall how they helped you have a better day or a better life. Be the one to thank them.

Since Thanksgiving is on our minds, our family took a moment after dinner this week to make a list of all the people we want to thank. We signed a cards and wrote a notes together. We had fun talking about why we wanted to thank someone.  What is a creative way your family can give thanks?

When we bow our heads and give thanks to God with our family on Thursday, we will also be giving thanks for all the people God sent us this year to make our lives better. If we don’t take time to pause and give thanks, aren’t we really only cheating ourselves?

One of them, when he saw that he was healed, came back to Jesus, shouting, “Praise God!” He fell to the ground at Jesus’ feet, thanking him for what he had done. This man was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, “Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give glory to God except this foreigner?” And Jesus said to the man, “Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.”  Luke 17:15-19

Happy Thanksgiving from our tent to yours!

Meredith Bell

Creating Enviroments

During the day, I usually leave my tent for a while.  (Even if there is still laundry to do or dishes to wash…that cycle really never ends does it?)  Most days I make my way to my office and ministry with young college students.  And while I am there, I have an opportunity to create a space.  I also have a choice in the type of space to create.  From what I have learned so far from young college students, they are always receiving information.  Social media is their first choice for information and from there the list includes friends, professors and parents or family.  They have a lot of information coming from many directions just like all of us do.  So when, these inspiring students come through the doors of this ministry the environment is important.

Working under the assumption that we are all co-creators with God, my goal is to work closely with God to design a spiritual space.  A space that feels different from the world.  A space that is full of encouragement.  A space where you can feel God’s presence.  A space to recharge.

Here are a few ways that I try my best to create such an environment.  And the truth is, you can also create similar environments around you in your own tent or where you spend your time during the day.

  • Create a space for dialogue (coming together to come up with a new solution) and not just discussion (where everyone presents their opinion and defends it).  Most of the time we discuss topics.  If we stretch and engage in dialogue about something, it creates new life.
  • Speak positive words to one another.  Every time students leave the building, I yell out “I love you and I am proud of you,” even if I do not know them well.  Why?  Simply because there are a lot of other words they will hear in their day that will be negative and pull them down.
  • Talk about Jesus!  We talk about a lot of things in our days…what we want for lunch, what we are doing, how our family is doing, what we want for dinner…but how much do we actually talk about Jesus?  Jesus is who walks with us daily and makes life and eternal life possible.  Talking about Jesus reminds us that Jesus is at the center of all we do.
  • Pray.  I am in constant prayer with God for little things and big things.  I ask God to give me the right words.  I ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to show me the way forward.  I pray for blessings on those who I meet.  I give thanks for the support for the ministry and investment in students.  I just pray.  And it works.

When we are intentional about creating Godly space around us, we discover a deeper connection with the people and the world around us.  We also gain a sense of the sacredness that surrounds us all.

Treat others just as you want to be treated. Luke 6:31

Enjoy your weekend!

Meredith Bell

Mr. Charlie

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church with my daughters.  One on each side.  During the beginning of the service, I noticed a man sitting by himself on the other side of the church.  It was Mr. Charlie.  His precious wife had died a few months before in the spring.  I whispered to my daughters that we were going to move during the first song and sit with Mr. Charlie.  We have been sitting with him in church every Sunday since then.  Each Sunday we sing songs together, pray together and hear God’s word as it is read over us.  An “Amen” is shouted out now and then.  We have a great time worshipping God together.

Today, before I left to have lunch with my daughters at school.  I picked up the phone and called Mr. Charlie.  I invited him to join us for lunch at school.  Twenty minutes later we were having a good time driving to pick up lunch before we arrived at the school.  The smile on my daughter’s faces when they saw Mr. Charlie was priceless.  Hugs were exchanged and we had a great time right in the middle of the noisy and busy cafeteria.

Right in the middle of our noisy, busy lives there are people and moments that God blesses.  There are people  that God needs us to bless.  There are moments that God does not want us to miss.  When we experience God’s people and God’s moments, life makes sense.  The Kingdom of God is easy to see all around us.

Mr. Charlie talks and talks about how we are a blessing to him and how we are an answer to his prayers.  My response is often that it is easy to be an answer to someone’s prayer when you love them.  But what he doesn’t know is that he is a blessing to us as well.  An answer to our prayers.

For 90 years, Mr. Charlie has lived on this earth as a faithful follower of Christ.  He has served his country, enjoyed marriage, raised children, made friends, invested in his community, lived in different towns, completed a successful career and more.  Mr. Charlie is an answer to our prayers.  He is full of wisdom.  His faith is alive and easy to see.  He laughs easily.  He is just the kind of friend we need in our busy and noisy lives.  He reminds us that life is good and God is great.

In your busy and noisy lives today, I hope God’s sends you someone to share this life with where you are an answer to their prayers and they are an answer to your prayers.  Keep your eyes open, they are all around.  If you already have that someone, give them a call and take them to lunch.  Food tastes better when a friend and God are at the table.

A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use. That’s how it is with us. There are many of us, but we each are part of the body of Christ, as well as part of one another. Romans 12:4-5

From our Happy Tent to yours,

Meredith Bell

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