Tales From Our Tent

Welcome to Our Tent

Happy Tents is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families today.  This is a place to share things we have learned growing together as a family. We hope you will stop by often to check your compass and share new things from your family’s trail. read on

Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet is not what we experience at our dinner table when we sit down. We are loud. Everyone is talking at once. Our dinner table is a processing center. When we gather, we make a full circle centered on a meal in the middle. As the meal begins to disappear, we begin to read on

A Question

On a recent car ride to a routine location, I used the moment to ask my daughter a question. I wanted her opinion. I carefully laid out the background information that was relevant to my question. I felt like I needed to give her enough information to form an opinion, but not too much information read on

Release the Pressure

We added an instant pot to our kitchen this summer. Since we seem to run out of time most days for various reasons, we added this pressure cooker to help speed up the cooking process. So far, so good. On the top of the contraption is on button that says, “Press to vent.” When you read on

Challenge of the Week

The challenge of the week came through a new opportunity in our community…Altitude H20. Just the sight of this challenge drew us into it. From space, it probably looks much smaller. From our perspective, it is big. When we arrived at this new opportunity, everyone had one last chance to bail out of the challenge read on

417 Jars of Plum Jelly

Recently we made 417 jars of plum jelly. Wild plum jelly is sacred in our tent. The tradition goes back many generations. The wild plums grow all around the land where I grew up. They are small, sour plums. The person who picks them, usually suffers from chiggers (red bugs) days following the picking day. read on

Red Light, Green Light

Everyday we play “Red Light, Green Light.” Of course we are not all lined up on a gym floor or a playground to play this game anymore (Even though that would be fun to watch). This game travels with us on our phones. When someone calls, it is an invitation to play “Red Light, Green read on

The Silent Banana

It is difficult to hear a silent banana when there is a lot of other noises in our tent. Over the past several weeks, we too have been living through the final weeks of school, a play, graduations, confirmations, Improv performances, field days, field trips and parties. It’s no wonder that we didn’t hear the read on

What’s Your Flavor?

We are leaning into summer which means Snow-Biz is open and there is only one question to answer in the drive through at Snow-Biz. “What flavor?” Once we answer that question, we patiently wait for our cold treats to pass through the car window. With a snow cone in our hands, life is just right. read on


Many moons ago, I was trained by a well meaning coach to run in a few races on a track team in Junior High. For some reason, my coach thought I could run fast. So I was told to run sprints. Lots of sprints which of course resulted in shin splints (whatever those are). During read on

Passenger Seat

There is one place in my daily routine that is rich with opportunity…the passenger seat. On any given day, my passenger seat welcomes a lot of people. Once a passenger buckles in safely, the passenger automatically start talking, confessing, sharing, asking, and relaxing. It’s almost magical. Here are a few glimpses into this weeks highlights. read on